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    Natural Pain Medicines: The Ideal Supplements for Chronic Pain Relief

    Be it Ayurveda or our grandparents’ home remedies; we Indians always feel proud of our culture. That is why we always look for natural remedies to get rid of health problems. Taking an example of body pain, whether chronic or first-time pain, we always look for natural painkillers.

    Apart from feeling proud, there are many other reasons behind our inclination towards natural painkillers. The fear of side effects is one of them. We know that there can be dozens of side effects from a single unnatural remedy. This thought process is good for us, as we are protecting ourselves from the side effects of products that contain harsh chemicals. 

    However, the problem doesn’t end up here. The real trouble starts when we don’t know which natural ingredient will work better as a natural painkiller.

    Thousands of supplements have natural ingredients, but we have to choose the most effective and affordable ones. Talking about the natural ingredients, there are many options to choose from, and it becomes challenging and confusing for the user to go ahead with any natural painkiller. 

    Keep aside your perplexing thoughts, and let’s bring clarity to your mind. Following are some of the best ingredients that work as the best natural pain reliever. So let’s jump into it and figure out the best ingredients and their significant role in pain management

    Eucalyptus Globus Oil 

    This essential oil is essential when it comes to natural painkillers. It is beneficial in easing joint pains. The natural extract of this oil has a vast power to provide relief in pain and inflammation. Apart from its benefits in pain relief, it also helps cure many other diseases. There is no chance of side effects as it is a natural ingredient. 


    Menthol plays a critical role in pain management because it acts as a counterirritant. Its superpower of making skin cool is really awesome as it helps the patient get distracted from the pain and gives instant relief. Menthol is also a necessary element in a natural pain reliever.

    Black Pepper

    Being high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, black pepper is becoming a popular ingredient in pain management solutions. Another significant benefit of black pepper is that it promotes the absorption of the other nutrients of a pain reliever. So, having natural, effective ingredients in your painkiller is essential, but it is vital to have black pepper that boosts the absorption of other nutrients.


    Thyme with anti-inflammatory is good for fighting against bacterial infection and muscle spasms. 


    A common ingredient found in almost every Indian household is cumin. It is also widely used in pain management solutions as a significant ingredient due to its anti-inflammatory properties. 

    White Willow Herb

    It is good to call it a super herb because of its excellent benefits for pain relief. Salicin is one of the significant components of this herb that acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and relieves pain. Acetylsalicylic acid and flavonoids are other components that make a painkiller more effective. 

    Vitex Negundo Extract

    A painkiller has to deal with hyperglycemic and hypouricemic activities to relieve the victim from pain, and this process becomes a little easier with the Vitex Negundo Extract. V extract is very commonly used in Ayurvedic remedies.

    Its anti-hyperglycemic and hypouricemic activity make it a perfect analgesic agent. It becomes constructive to cure osteoarthritis when Apium graveolens extracts are added to V. Negundo extract.

    Gaultheria procumbens oil

    Not only as a counterirritant, but Gaultheria procumbens oil also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Also known as wintergreen oil, it helps relieve joint pain, muscle soreness, etc. 

    Get Relief In Three Steps:

    We know that your head is now full of confusion after reading out about so many herbs and natural ingredients. Don’t be confused; here is a roadmap to get relief, revive your energy and restore to a positive, enthusiastic, and optimistic lifestyle.

    • Understand your pain more in-depth through self-assessment
    • Find out natural medications that contain useful ingredients. 
    • Make exercise and a healthy diet a part of your lifestyle.

    -Pankaj Rai.

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