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    Neck Pain

    Stiff Neck!

    Why is my neck stiff?

    Many of us have been wondering lately if working from home has come as a boon or a bane! Though we are doing more or less the same jobs, our routine and working style has changed drastically. While going to the office, we had a little travel time, which involved getting ready and completing various chores before we headed to our workplace. However, now we just sit at one place for hours, mildly changing our sitting postures but staring at our laptops/desktops incessantly.

    This lifestyle typically leads to neck pain or stiffness. In numerous cases, we end up attending long-duration calls on our mobile phones tucked between one of our ears and tilted neck. This position worsens the problem and instant neck pain relief becomes important. Besides these, various other lifestyles and other factors may contribute to neck pain, including

      • Poor sitting or sleeping posture
      • Neck jerk during a workout
      • After a physical injury

    While neck pain isn’t a severe issue most of the time, it is still inconvenient and keeps you uncomfortable. You need to get instant neck pain relief to be relaxed, happier, and more productive in your life. Neck Pain relief can come naturally and instantly with the application of the right neck pain relief medicine.

    R3SET products, when consumed orally (tablet) or directly applied to your neck (in the form of easily applicable gels, emulsions, or sprays), provide a soothing effect. You can get instant neck pain relief with these natural painkillers. The beneficial influence of essential oils in R3SET neck pain relief medicines alleviates the pain and stiffness and restores the free movement of your neck.

    Avani Raj Arora

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