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    Neck Pain

    Waking up with neck pain!

    Neck pain is a general problem in people of all ages. It quite commonly occurs when we sit or sleep in inappropriate postures. Hence, we sometimes feel uneasiness or little pain in the neck when we get up in the morning. So, it is important to introduce a natural pain relief solution as a part of our lifestyle.

    But before that, Let’s learn a few facts about our neck – a part that connects our head with the rest of the body with great flexibility.

    • Small bones called vertebrae make up our neck.
    • These bones are placed on top of each other, thus forming the spinal column.
    • The spinal column protects the spinal cord and provides support to your head.
    • Only the top seven vertebrae of your spinal column form a part of your neck. 
    • These are called the cervical vertebrae. 
    • The facet joints link these bones together.
    • The facet joints, along with your neck muscles, provide flexibility to your head.
    • There are cartilage discs between the vertebrae that serve two purposes. They provide flexibility to the spine and also act as shock absorbers. 

    Although neck pain could be a recurring problem that goes away in no time, a natural instant pain relief solution is a must-have in every household. Neck Pain also can be a symptom of a more severe problem.

    Besides usual factors like poor posture or leaning over your work desk that can cause neck pain or stiffness, some uncommon factors might also lead to neck problems.

      • Inflammation
      • Osteoarthritis
      • An infection
      • A fracture or injury
      • A tumor 

    Irrespective of the underlying cause, R3SET presents a soothing instant pain relief solution for the problem of neck pain. It is the best neck pain relief solution for someone who is looking for a safe way to combat pain naturally. The 3600 wellness formula ensures instant and long-lasting pain relief from neck stiffness. The organic composition of all the R3SET instant pain relief solution variants enriches them with adaptability as a lifestyle product. You may select the option and the time of application that best suits your daily routine.

    Some of the other lifestyle adaptations that can be effective with the use of R3SET instant pain relief solution are:

    • Try maintaining a proper posture while sitting or sleeping.
    • Several pillow options are available these days that keep your neck in a comfortable and appropriate position. These pillows could be used while sleeping, reading, or watching TV to get neck pain relief.
    • Try adjusting the height of your work table and chair such that you can work while sitting straight

    Avani Raj Arora

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