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    The 85% Rule

    Heard of the extraordinary individuals Hugh Jackman & Usain Bolt, OR the business tycoon Elon Reeve Musk? They all not only talk about but have actually implemented the 85% rule in their personal lives and professional careers. 

    The Pain Area


    What a relief it is when all this is ticked ✓, isn’t it?  


    However, what pains us the most? Delivering way less than what we assumed, or even more when we commit a mountain and deliver a hill!!


    Here is where comes the ↓


    The 85% Rule


    The constant pressure of giving 100% adds to the pressure, thus resulting in overexertion. Getting tensed up and overstressed, strains you physically, mentally, and emotionally. All this leaves you with a tired body and drained out mind, thus ultimately lowering the overall performance & the end result for which you worked this hard!


    Hence, was devised the 85% rule, initially in physical sports, but is gradually being adopted in all fields of work. The rule changes your perception of work and performance. 


    It inculcates within all performers (performers here refers to everyone – homemakers, IT engineers, content writers, digital marketers, doctors, lawyers, workers, etc.) an apt balance between work responsibility and work responsiveness. Work 85% and give the rest 15% to yourself, no matter what. Save energy, focus on maintaining your calm & relaxing yourself. Confused? Now, we all may implement the rule in our own ways, however, will try putting a few points regarding the same.


    • A 10 minutes breather before initiating the routine
    • Listing out & prioritizing your tasks
    • Collecting your thoughts of whats & hows of the task
    • Relaxing during the work – talking to other people, strolling aimlessly, stretching your body 
    • Backing your actions with a pre-thought 


    We don’t need to “work, work, & work.” What we need to do is to exert little, relax our mind, and produce better and thoughtful results! 


    As rightly expressed by Elon Musk, “if you want to do more, all you need to do is decide to do less!”


    Be more productive with the 85% rule!


    Avani Raj Arora


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