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    Still, Working from Home?

    Though I miss working from home in some aspects now, one thing that’s kind of improved for me is my sitting posture and the resulting back and other body pains. 

    Many of us are still working from home and might continue the same for a good time. Some companies are adopting this concept culturally, while some are still unsure when and how to reopen, even more with the emergence of new variants, Omicron being the latest and arising new and serious concerns. 

    With this, home is our new workplace, and digital tools are our new vehicle connecting us with the world. Carrying its own pros and cons, the primary disadvantage in this setup is our body’s position while working. Most of us take the meaning of laptops literally and position ourselves comfortably on our couch or bed with laptops on our laps. Comfy as it may sound, these postures are not suitable for your body’s health. It can disrupt your outward looks, body’s physical health and strength, and also functioning of some internal organs. Even while using a desk and chair for work, we are seen slouching for the better part of the day. 

    Not sitting in the proper posture and working at length for hours can lead to annoying body aches, significantly impacting your back and neck. All this demands us to change the ergonomics of our home-based office setup and improve our lower back strength. A few simple yet essential changes can do wonders. 

    Let’s see how we can R3SET things to make working from home a cherishable and lasting experience. 

    The 3 Rs

    Restore your body

    The correct posture is the only way to restore your body. It relaxes the muscles and nerves and takes off the stress from your neck, back, and elbows. 

    What’s the ideal positioning? 

    • Use a chair and desk setup
    • Ensure your computer screen is not more than an arm’s length away and is a little below eye level 
    • It would be good if your chair had an armrest adjusted, keeping the angle between elbow and wrist at 900 to your torso
    • Your head and face should be straight. An ideal way to check that is with the position of your ears. They should be over the shoulders, not in front of them
    • Use some support for your lower back if required that helps you maintain a straight position 
    • Basically, an ideal position allows the entire body to be straight from every angle. Be it your head or face, shoulders, wrists or elbows, or thighs or lower legs. Adjust the height of your seat accordingly (if feasible)
    • It is also advisable to place the feet on a flat surface 
    • Use headsets while attending to calls; keeping the phone between your neck and shoulder can cause prolonged neck discomfort and pain 

    Relieve your pains naturally

    Find all about natural pain management here. You may also go for our self-assessment tests to understand your body pains and take our online consultation services accordingly for better pain management. Our pain management philosophy of resetting body pain revolves around relieving pain from your body using our range of naturally enhanced, nano-technology-based herbal pain relief products such as pain relief gels, emulsions, sprays, and natural pain killer tablets.

    Revive yourself

    I know you are a sincere employee ☺, however, taking a small break every 45-50 minutes won’t make you insincere. It would rather revive you mentally and physically and enhance your productivity. Taking a break should not only involve changing your screen to a YouTube video; instead, it means getting up and taking a short walk (even if it is within your room). Take 2-3 rounds, freshen up, drink water, etc. Such movements help combat body stiffness and pains and also improve your blood circulation. Besides, various stretches or exercises can be quite beneficial, including

    • Taking deep breaths
    • Performing squats
    • Stretching your arms
    • Moving your neck in different directions
    • Big shoulder circles
    • Cycling your legs

    Keep your body loose while walking or stretching!

    Avani Raj Arora 

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