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    shoulder pain

    Shoulder Pain

    Shoulder pain gone worse!

    Did you survive a road accident that left you with a minor shoulder injury? It’s been two months, and everything is fine now, and you are back to your normal routine. However, the shoulder still pains, especially when you lift your arm?!?

    Don’t worry. It is a perfectly normal situation to experience pain and discomfort even after months of injury. Yes, most of us resort to chemical painkillers (and not natural painkillers), rest for a while, and get back to work. But is this the ultimate pain management solution? For how many days can we rely on such chemical pain management drugs and ignore the greater impact these no-natural painkiller medicines have on our body, that how they are affecting our vital organs?

    While we cannot and should not overlook these added complications from regular no-natural painkiller antibiotic use, we still need a healer, a natural pain management solution that cures our pain and revives us back. Well, we may have a natural pain management solution to all your problems, but we’ll come to that later. First, let’s learn some facts about our movable body part – shoulders, so that you can make an informed decision.


    • Shoulder injury strains the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is a circle of tendons around the shoulder joint.

    Additional info: overuse of shoulders during work or workout can also damage the rotator cuff.

    • Besides physical injury, many other factors can also lead to shoulder pain and right pain management solution becomes inevitable
      • Since your neck, back, and shoulders are connected, any problem in your neck and
        back impacts your shoulders.
      • People who have rheumatoid arthritis (RA) or osteoarthritis (OA) suffer from painful or
        stiff shoulders.
      • Diabetes – People get anything but don’t get diabetic. Diabetes is an evil trap that
        carries it with numerous other problems, shoulder ache being one of them.
      • Expecting mothers often experience numb, stiff, or aching shoulders.
      • Sorry if it feels scary, but in the worst situations, a numb arm is a sign of a heart attack, and, being cautious is the key.

    Whereas seeking urgent medical help if the problem seems to be coming from an internal organ like the heart is indispensable, R3SET provides a quick and easy solution for the external pains your shoulder has become a victim of.

    R3SET is a perfect amalgamation of natural herbs and essential oils, offering the best anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-nociceptive, and organic analgesic revival mechanism for our shoulder pains. You may use it daily as an everyday lifestyle pain management product without worrying about the side effects, as there are none! R3SET is a natural painkiller that acts as an instant shoulder pain management solution and gives pain relief from any body-related pain without any side effects.

    You may now sit back calmly; for now, the pains are gone naturally with the help of your natural pain management solution. Move your arms freely round, round, up, and down, and take care of your shoulders daily.

    Enjoy a fit and healthy body with natural painkillers!

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    1. Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

      1. Thanks Mark for taking out time to read & helping us with a feedback!!

    2. Shoulder back chst and arm pain

      1. Hello,

        Thank you so much for showing your interest in R3SET life. I am sure that it will ‘Unpause’ life and provide relief.

        For your concerns, we recommend you take the self-assessment test, a thorough examination that will help you get a customized solution
        for the pain concern. The assessment is curated by our empaneled physiotherapy experts basis their experience and knowledge.

        Below is the link to our self-assessment page :

        Hope this helps you!

        Team R3SET

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