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    Right or Wrong

    Right or Wrong

    Sometimes we really don’t know! There are times in life where we are in a constant debate with our inner-self, arguing about the right and wrong of what we feel.

    Have you ever been in such a situation? I bet you have! Friends, I am grateful to you for taking the time and visiting this space to read what we post. We’d like to eventually convert this space into an ‘interactive room,’ making way for two-way communication. We will love to hear your stories, experiences, little pranks, and anything you’d like to share. Please be assured that anonymity requested will be respected! Our little shares can be inspirational for someone unrelated yet related.

    To initiate this chain, I’ll begin by sharing one of my personal ‘life-changing’ experiences.

    Marriage means a great deal in a person’s life. It influences not only the life of two people coming together but also the ones attached to them. I, too, had a typical conventional arranged marriage back in the day. With a considerable courtship phase, I was pretty confident on the choice and excitedly yet terrified tied the knot. I understood how this was a significant change not just for him or me but also for our families. I entered into the relationship with a heart full of acceptance, a promise to face the ups and downs of life together, and an expectation to be respected.

    However, I faced a big jolt after our alliance. Not sure it was the result of my poor judgment or something else, but the turn of events came as a big setback for me. I was gradually losing myself and constantly compromising my soul just to be in this relationship. After a painstaking ‘ifs and buts’ with my conscience, I decided to take the big step and move on. Staying in a rotten relation was not healthy for me, him, our loved ones, and ‘supposedly’ soon-to-arrive our future generations! It’s a true saying, better be alone than in a bad or I’d say an unworthy company. Probably, we both were unworthy of each other. I confess the after-decision journey was also not a jolly ride – resentments from here and there haunted me; nonetheless, there were people who stood by me, supporting my decision. It’s been years now, and I still don’t know if I took the ideal step. Some other person in my place could have done a lot better by taking a different course of action. BUT I can say with confidence that I have no regrets! My family and I went against the odds to do what seemed right at that time, and it’s a big relief.

    Listening to and acting per your instincts is indeed a relief!

    Avani Raj Arora

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