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    RESET pain relief spray

    Reset Spray: Natural pain relief spray for body pain


    Reset Emulsion : Natural pain relief roll on for body pain

    RESET Emulsion

    Reset Tablet: Natural pain killer tablet for body pain

    (32 customer reviews)

    Fatigue and pain have become a part of our daily routines. However, we cannot let them stand in our way to progress, but we also cannot take out hours daily to rest or for other therapies. A pain relief tablet made from natural ingredients and ensures no side effects is the best solution.


    R3SET body pain Tablet offers the best solution to combat pain naturally. It helps in the effective management of lifestyle-related pains including back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. All individuals, starting from our youth to the elderly, can safely consume this tablet.

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    Useful In
    • Deltoid and shoulder tenderness from sleeping sideways.
    • Lower neck stiffness caused by overuse or forward-head posture.
    • Lower leg or Calf pain from prolonged standing.

    *Results may very as per the individual body composition.




    The R3SET body pain Tablet is helpful for osteoarthritis, frozen shoulders, lower backaches, joint pains, muscle spasms, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. The exhaustive selection of natural herbs makes sure to include analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties in the tablet. The ingredients act in a way to cover multiple targets. You can easily carry the tablet along wherever you go. It is devoid of any artificial aroma and color and can stay intact at varied temperatures.

    The R3SET body pain Tablet is composed of:

    • White willow : Composed majorly of natural methyl salicylate, it acts as an analgesic and relieves body aches.
    • False black pepper or Embilia ribes: Its non-narcotic properties are beneficial in rhinitis, headache, epilepsy, hemorrhage, and insomnia.
    • Thyme or Thymus vulgaris: The ingredient with its anti-oxidant properties is effective in treating a wide range of ailments.
    • Jeera or Cuminum cyminum: Jeera, being used in numerous traditional Indian medicines effectively normalizes the uric acid and creatinine levels.
    • Long pepper or piper longum: Its anti-nociceptive and anti-inflammatory properties demonstrate plenty of medicinal and dietary uses.

    32 reviews for Reset Tablet: Natural pain killer tablet for body pain

    1. Bhaskar Velayudam

      I just like the small size of this. easy to carry everywhere like on treks or in your fitness center bag. It helped with my pain around elbow when I exercise.

    2. Degala Kamal

      I fully recommend for natural pain relief.

    3. Abhishek chandak

      If you are reading my review I will say this is a good tablet in terms of any natural pain relief tablet. I personally use this

    4. arpit dangra

      it took more days to deliver but the tablet is worth buying

    5. Anuradha

      Quick relief from back pain for long days.

    6. Adilakshmi Akki

      I am a working woman, I have been traveling daily 80 Kms to reach my office through public transport and it affected my health with severe body pains. Recently, I saw an ad on google while searching for proper solution and purchased the tablets. It’s been 25 days now, am free from the body pains and I thank you Reset for the wonderful product.

      • Avani Raj Arora

        That’s awesome Adilakshmi Ji, we are glad the product helped! Thanks for the wonderful feedback.

    7. arpith gulati

      Takes some mins to start working, but cools down the affected area quite effectively. Go for without any doubts

    8. David Paul

      I usually avoid taking medicines in any kind of pain but when i searched for natural pain relief tablet and I came to know about this brand.Firsly I was bit hesitated before taking but than i tired once and it worked well. I still avoid taking on daily basis but it is good tablet for pain relief go for it

    9. Devilal

      I really liked this product earlier i used to have back pain after working continusly in office one of my friend suggested me this tablet and it helped me.

    10. Harish Kanagaraj

      I used this product it was working great for all pains i suggested to my father he is very happy. i am planning to buy another one

    11. Hema

      I bought this for my brother This is working great worth buying go for it

    12. Hema Panwar

      This is the second time I’ve got this! It’s nice that it is all natural and works for headaches and muscle soreness.A somewhat sweet nondescript taste, yet pleasant. I seldom need follow up pills!

    13. Hema Panwar

      This is the second time I’ve got this! It’s nice that it is all natural and works for headaches and muscle soreness.A somewhat sweet nondescript taste, yet pleasant. I seldom need follow up pills! go for it worth buying

    14. honey dave

      Works well, and relatively fast.After 1hour you take 2 more for better results.

    15. Jack

      Definitely a great buy, I have tried a lot of products to help with constant leg pain none of which have helped but this was amazing. It took two days before full effectiveness but helped with pain and swelling. My pain is gone my swelling is gone this stuff works miracles.I will definitely buy this again

    16. Jariwala Roshni

      I used this product for joint pains i am taking this tablets at night time it was working amazing. With out any side effects

    17. Kavita Chowdary

      A MUST have for anyone it will reduce all pains worth buying .

    18. Keerthi Krishna

      My parents consuming since 2 months and it’s an very effective good product

    19. Krishnakanth

      Relieves pain in a short time.good pain relief tablet

    20. Lakshmi Minuku

      I have arthritis, and chronic pain in multiple joints.i used this tablets for 1 week i got some relief .

    21. Lava Kumar Katragadda

      This has been really helpful w/any kind of pain & bruising…even arthritis! This has been really helpful w/any kind of pain & bruising…even arthritis!

    22. Minati

      earlier I tried a few brands but this works the best so far!

    23. Nilesh Gandhi

      Really helped reduce my leg pain and swelling a lot. I had these pills daily and they seem to have helped tremendously- there were days I felt more swollen than last and I took these and felt relief shortly after

    24. Priyanka Ostwal

      It worked good on stopping the pain. easy to carry

    25. Prudhvi Sharma

      I orded this tablet as it is natural tablets and has zero side effects. It worked or me and for my father the same.

    26. radhe lahoti

      I have already used these Tablets and found effective for controlling the knee joint pain.

    27. Rajesh Repalli

      I’m so happy with the product and its results. I have a family history of joint pain . Started having this recently after I felt early pain in my fingers and knees especially after monsoons. Results are great so far. Feeling a lot better after 15-20 days of use. Will update again after few days use.

    28. Rohan Kumar

      working very good with out any side effects nice product

    29. Siranjeevi

      I’m very happy to have this medicine ..It relieved my all joints pain..Suggest to have this joyful medicine.Im very much satisfied with this tablets

    30. Sonali

      This product is very effective my mom is using this product from the past 2 month and this is very helpful for her as she continuesly facing the joint pain .we go to many doctor but not get relief .after using this product i can fell relief from pain

    31. Shariff Jeelu

      This product seems very effective for me as my day to day schedule is very hectic. Due to which, I had to face several issues like my joints started to pain severely every now and then and I used to get muscle sprain but when I started using Joyful Joints since past month I am very relaxed and can focus on my life than the pain I had to suffer from.than you

    32. Sourabh Gajjar

      Finally a product that works. Highly recommend. I have been giving to my mom for her arthritis and her pain while walking has reduced so much and shel feeling very relieved. Will order again.

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