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    RESET pain relief gel

    Reset Gel: Natural pain relief gel for body pain


    Reset Tablet: Natural pain killer tablet for body pain

    RESET body pain tablets

    Reset Spray: Natural pain relief spray for body pain

    (30 customer reviews)

    The R3SET pain relief spray has 150% enhanced retention and five times better penetration than most conventional therapies. With the ease of use and safe composition, it becomes a convenient pain relief solution for all individuals, including pregnant women.


    Besides significantly reducing pain, the pain relief spray improves functional disability and reduces NSAID consumption. It is highly effective for lower back pain relief, cervical spondylitis, joint pains, gouty arthritis, and muscle spasms. The ingredients work as a natural analgesic and exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. The pain relief spray is effective and safe to use for people of all ages.


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    Useful In
    • Stiffness or muscle spasms resulting from a sedentary lifestyle.
    • Postural pain leading to strained ligaments, muscles, and tendons.
    • General body soreness from the daily hustle and exertion.

    *Results may very as per the individual body composition.




    The R3SET Spray combats pain and inflammation associated with musculoskeletal disorders. It is a preferred choice for a pain relief solution for informed and well-educated individuals. The integration of the power of nanotechnology with the goodness of essential oils ensures instant pain relief and a long-term healing effect. It has come as a respite to comfort you in your hectic routine.

    The R3SET Spray helps you get rid of pain naturally.

    • Wintergreen: Composed majorly of natural methyl salicylate, it acts as an analgesic and relieves fever, headache, and other body pains.
    • Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil: Commonly known as ‘Neelgiri.’ Its antioxidant properties help reduce MPO levels, treat common diseases, and alleviate pain.
    • Menthol: Commonly known by the name ‘Pudhina Satt,’ it is prepared from peppermint oil. It is a natural pain reliever and has exhibited magical healing effects through the years. It provides a cooling sensation and relieves body pain.
    • Celery or Apium gravelens: The product finds wide use in treating arthritis and other bone-related problems. It acts as a blood purifier and reduces the degeneration of body joints.
    • Chinese Chastetree Herb: It’s known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and pain-suppressing properties and has been used historically to cure anxiety, muscle spasms and asthma.

    We endeavor to deliver the best quality wellness solutions to our customers.

    30 reviews for Reset Spray: Natural pain relief spray for body pain

    1. Dhiraj golecha

      Worth its cost. Gives speedy relief from discomfort and no really scouring or back rub.

    2. Devendra

      I purchased this product last month and also took the consultation which they were offering, I must say the consultation also helped me a lot with this product. They answered so many of my questions very patiently. I really liked the support.

    3. Shihas Sharaf

      As someone who is really dedicated to their workout routine, this constant knee pain that I had made me put a pause in that routine. from medicine to home remedies, I tried everything. when I came across R3SET, I knew I had to try it! The R3SET Spray that I bought worked wonders and had me going back to my routine a week later! Thanks R3SET

    4. Kalaidasan

      it is useful for minor back pain and knee pain and it help itstantlty. nice packing

    5. Krishna patel

      satisfied with the purchase excellent for ache comfort gets absorbed very quickly and doesn’t burn like different sprays.nice packing easy to carry

    6. harshit cyclewala

      I had intense pain both on knee and lower back, and that i literally tried the whole thing but nothing worked for me…then i found this product when i used to be searching for different pain relief solutions, this worked for me, it gave me such a relief. Rub it over the affected place, the aurvydeic herbal components without a doubt enables to relieve the ache

    7. Aishwarya

      highly recommended for elder people, i bought this for my mother-in-law. She said that she can literally feel the change happening after each utilization.

    8. amit kathiyawadi

      Quantity is good and it help to reduce pain in a short period.

    9. Anbarasan

      this spray works well. I found this product a budget-friendly and useful

    10. Bala

      personally, I am using and satisfied with this result also I gave to my mother as she was experiencing some knee pain, now she is feeling better

    11. Elavarsan

      Nice Spray. Very effective

    12. KrishnaRaj

      I ordered it for my knee pain and i really surprised that it’s working very fine .it work fast and deeply relaxive. I think the nano particles really go under the skin and relieve the pain in minutes 👌

    13. Mahadevan

      I have bad ankle pain. even if I walk a few steps, I will have pain. then I used this. now I feel great

    14. Manimegalai

      It’s really genuine, And really helpful.
      I bought this Gel for my mom and it really gives relief to my mom from joint pain. It’s really good and awesome . It is the best pain relief Spary ever seen …
      Must buy it … If you have any joint pain…
      Value for money ..

    15. naman das

      Very good product. I am very satisfied with its results. I have tried many pains relief Sparys but this product really works wonder. I got relief from my shoulder pain VERY fast. For patients of knee pain, shoulder pains, back pain, cervical spondylitis and arthritis this sprayshows magical results.

    16. Navin sharma

      i have knee pain i am using thise product since 1 month it is giving good result i am recomnded to buy every one .good product

    17. neha barot

      giving quick relief from pain good product. i can sense it the ingerdients using in this product full of ayurvedic properties. nice smell

    18. Nirmala

      It effect is very good. I was trouble with knee pain during last five years. And treatment was under progress from Shara Hospital Gomti Nagar Lucknow. But just medicine close pain related same strength. But during last lockdown by the way I found it. And fris use it will give relief by unexpected kee pain. And now I feeling very well.i am plannng to buy again this product

    19. Nishita agarwal

      i am kabaddi coach i have joint pains iam sing this spray on daiily basis it will give quick rellief from several pains with out any side effects

    20. Nitish prajapat

      It is working good i am planning to buy for my parents

    21. Nivedha

      good working easy to apply it is working after 2 min only without any side effects easy to carry nice smell.

    22. Parthiban kannan

      Mom is in her 60’s and often had knee pain and pain in her calf used to be so severe that she could not get up quickly after sitting…then she started applying with this spray twice a day…in 15 days she got relief and the pain has vanished..

    23. Poorna

      i purchased this product for my parents. And my father has applied on his back a couple of times. it is working good my father is very happy thank you

    24. Prabhu

      A must buy for those who have elders at home with joint pains complains. Get them a relief by buying . I will recommend this for sure..

    25. Prasanna

      Bought it for my father as he is having knee problem because of old age, he feels the difference after using it but you can’t discontinue it if u want relief you have to use it on regular basis, I think its perfectly OK if it gives relief from pain.

    26. Praveen

      i am a gym trainer i have knee pain . iam using regulerly morning and night it is giving good results. i am suggesting to use daily two times.

    27. rahul yadav

      Product is good a great relief of joint pain and knee pain. The chronic patents of joint pain must use & get reasonable relif,iam recommonding to buy.

    28. Raja

      product quality is good giving quick results i am using two time daily i loved it

    29. Rajkumar

      This worked on my pain fast. and giving relief from pain iam recommnded to every one who have join pains and knee pain

    30. Jay Kumar

      Every 10 days I would be in pain due to cervical spondylitis. I has been taking pain killers with some side effects. One of my friends suggested to use this. It took time to work but this is my 20 th day and no pain again till date.

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