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    RESET Emulsion

    Reset Emulsion : Natural pain relief roll on for body pain


    Reset Spray: Natural pain relief spray for body pain

    RESET pain relief spray

    Reset Gel: Natural pain relief gel for body pain

    (41 customer reviews)

    The R3SET gel has a pain relief mechanism more effective than conventional gels, creams, & oils. The clinical studies indicate it to be effective and safe for patients with musculoskeletal pains. The application of gel significantly reduces pain and has a sustained post-application effect.


    The pain relief gel provides relief for chronic conditions like osteoarthritis, backache, frozen shoulder, and rheumatoid arthritis. The enhanced skin penetration and retention capacities provide instant and long-lasting comfort. The composition of natural ingredients makes it one of the best pain relief gels in the market, which is beneficial and safe for lifestyle use.


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    Useful In
    • Deltoid and shoulder tenderness from sleeping sideways.
    • Lower neck stiffness caused by overuse or forward-head posture.
    • Lower leg or Calf pain from prolonged standing

    *Results may very as per the individual body composition.




    Body aches can become everyday pain areas for people of all ages. These pains can limit your capabilities and abilities to follow your daily routine. R3SET Gel is the best pain relief solution that safely combats pain through its best pain management formula. It integrates nanotechnology with ancient herbal wisdom, thus allowing you to naturally cherish the simple joys of movement in your everyday life.

    This pain relief gel is made from natural ingredients.

    • Wintergreen: Composed majorly of natural methyl salicylate, it acts as an analgesic and relieves fever, headache, and other body pains.
    • Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil: Commonly known as ‘Neelgiri.’ Its antioxidant properties help reduce MPO levels, treat common diseases, and alleviate pain.
    • Menthol: Commonly known by the name ‘Pudhina Satt,’ it is prepared from peppermint oil. It is a natural pain reliever and has exhibited magical healing effects through the years. It provides a cooling sensation and relieves body pain.
    • Celery or Apium gravelens: The product finds wide use in treating arthritis and other bone-related problems. It acts as a blood purifier and reduces the degeneration of body joints.
    • Chinese Chastetree Herb: It’s known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and pain-suppressing properties and has been used historically to cure anxiety, muscle spasms and asthma.

    We care for your pain and endeavor to cure it.

    41 reviews for Reset Gel: Natural pain relief gel for body pain

    1. Sonal Panwar

      Very powerfull and effective gel for pain management. Thank you reset

    2. Piyush Jain

      Ealier I was experiencing back and neck pain and I used different brands item accessible in market which was not that wow ,yet My child suggested me with this gel and it is truly worked best

    3. Manish Lakhotia

      good product, best recommendation

    4. Meenakshi Jain

      nice product it is giving qucik results

    5. Manisha Kumar

      i purchased this for my brother, as he constantly work on pc he is having pain in neck. After trying the gel, he is feeling better now

    6. Harsh Nandani

      I am using this product since last 1 – 1.4 months and it alwasy helps in any kind of body pain. This is now our permanant gel in our house

    7. Shubham Sankpal

      Good product for me, quite useful

    8. Ramana yadav

      This get is very much effective You can get 80% result in pain reduction after days of usage.nice packing

    9. Neelu T

      good and effective product 👍🏻

    10. Mamta singh

      worth buying the product 👍🏻. Onc must at least give a try

    11. Simran Arora

      intially i thouight it will also be oother gel available in market, this time i thought to go with other brand and i tired this reset gel. I was surprised after using this. i felt so relaxed after using this

    12. Priyal Shah

      I bought this product for Dadi who is 71 years old. She has joint pain. On single use of this gel she feel relaxed from her pain. Actually worth buying. Its very handy also

    13. Dinesh Panwar

      I have recently purchased this Gel after seeing the Ad on fb. Initially i felt that the product was little expensive but after using the product. I felt like this is worth buying. Very nice product, I recommend this.

    14. Ajay Nayak

      I liked this product. The best part is, the product smells good

    15. Badri

      I use this product every alternate days after my workout and very helpful ointment for my body and muscle pain

    16. Charu Sharma

      Quality-based products. worth buying

    17. Deepak Lahoti

      Using it every day. No side effects and the smell is very good. After applying the pain is reduce and gave me relief.

    18. Dilip k

      Tried it on my knees and ankles and it did relieve the pain and soreness. t’s ayurvedic, so no need to worry about any kind of allergy or skin damage.

    19. Girish parikh

      Felt like the product gives instant relief from pain. lotion is very good quality and feels very light in the skin

    20. Jyoti Solanki

      “My mother has intermittent muscle and joint pain. Traditional balm like Tiger or Iodex never helped us for long run.
      Just recently I was searching for pain relief gel when I saw this gel. I decided to give it a try and ordered it. After 15-20 minutes of applying the gel, mom experienced reduction in pain. Definitely amazing product by reset. Will try more products soon.”””

    21. Kartik Goyal

      Very nice product. I liked it a lot

    22. David

      have been using the same and also buying from you since long and is good especially for my mother who is 89 yes for whom i buy the same.

    23. Amal kr

      Its magic and really powerful as one feels a warm and burning sensation on application and you can sense that its working at the affected body part.

    24. Ragu nath

      Nothing to dislike. It is a great gel and has served me well

    25. Swetha sing

      it’s really genuine, And really helpful.
      I bought this Gel for my mom and it really gives relief to my mom from joint pain. It’s really good and awesome. It is the best pain relief GelI ever seen.
      Must buy it.. If you have any joint pain..
      Value for money..

    26. Ayan

      The scent of the Gelis satisfactory which furnishes pain relief in some minutes and is easy to use. The quantity is substantial for normal usage. The ingredients are prepared up of Ayurvedic which gives a different factor.

    27. Shalini

      because of office work I had lower back and neck pain for many days, I used many products but none was tons effective. i bought this one few days back and let me tell you it is one of the best pain reliever available also i can carry it everywhere. I apply it every time I sense ache and it really works instantly. loved it!!

    28. Heena sharma

      Like the product. Instant usefull … it’s convenient to use, effective, easy to carry. It also smells good and it’s not even greasy. Go for it. Highly recommended… Once apply, u will get relief.

    29. Tiwari

      Yes it is working… my mom had a pain on her knee joint… nowadays i am applying this to her knees and really it is giving her relax … and also it is very easy to use…

    30. Himabindu

      Love the product it is soo effective and is very very affordable, you should definitely buy them and its very cost efficient than all the other products in the market

    31. Nandini

      The coolness feels 10 mins after application this pain relief rel. It won’t be felt immediately. But it works wonderfully on pain

    32. Manoj tiwari

      i purchased this r3set pain relief gel on the recommendation of a friend. at the beginning i used to be a little sceptical however after using it simply once I could feel the ice gel really working! The gel gives an extremely good cold sensation that lasts for a totally long time. i am IN LOVE with this product and will virtually be recommending it to my buddies and family!

    33. Vinay

      iam using this gel since 40 days daily two times it is giving good results,Good for back pain relief and muscle relaxation,good product worth in every pinny

    34. Bharat kumar purswani

      It is a very effective natural pain reliever. It provides immediate relief from most types of pain like headache, neck pain, joint pain, muscle pains, hand pain, muscle soreness, can be relieved quickly with this natural pain rub. The soothing warmth of natural oils relaxes the muscle and provides instant relief. Recommended buy for this price range.

    35. Pradeep chaudhary

      Very Good pain relief rub for all types of pains and very easy to apply and use. The best part of this pain relief rub is that it is ayurvedic si there is not any other harm to any other parts. Which makes it best from other products….!!!

    36. Ramesh

      It is very good and effective for all pains.I had been using for one month works effectively.i recommended it.

    37. Vivek Ghevariya

      I ordered it for my back pain and i simply surprised that it is working very work fast and deeply is also working on knee joint’s pain very well. i am planning to buy my family good product

    38. Ritvik Gupta”

      This product is worth buying for shoulder stiffness while you are working on same posture for long hour, it’s very good pain reliever for neck and back pain as well, overall it’s a nice product go for it.

    39. rama krishna

      Contain all natural ingredients so no side effects. Help in relieving the pain very fast. Very effective product.

    40. Maseeh Khan

      The product is really very effective. The pain goes away in a while. Very useful for joint pain and back pain. I recommend it to all.

    41. ” akhil kumar”

      Loved the cream, found it really helpful for muscular pain, the overall product seems geniune and amazing. Definitely recommendable!!

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