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    Reset Tablet: Natural pain killer tablet for body pain


    Reset Gel: Natural pain relief gel for body pain

    RESET pain relief gel

    Reset Emulsion : Natural pain relief roll on for body pain

    (45 customer reviews)

    The emulsion has enhanced skin penetration and retention capabilities. The tried and tested product is effective for instant neck pain relief, lower backache, gouty arthritis, osteoarthritis, muscle spasms, joint pains, and cervical spondylitis. It even works as an effective shoulder pain medicine!

    It is safe for application on all body parts as it is free from preservatives or toxic substances. No artificial aroma or color is used during the preparation of the emulsion. It comes in a handy easy-to-carry glass bottle with a roll-on pack. Easy to apply and quickly & evenly spreads on the impacted area.


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    Useful In
    • Tenderness or stiffness in hamstrings due to strenuous physical activity
    • Cervical or stiffness in the neck caused by increased screen time
    • Chronic lower-back/lumbar pain or spondylitis

    *Results may very as per the individual body composition.




    Lifestyle-related pain like shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, etc. can wear you out and devitalize your body. In an already hectic schedule, you tend to ignore the pain your body is suffering from, thus causing these problems to become chronic. R3SET Emulsion is a simple yet effective pain relief solution that helps you get rid of pain naturally. The power of nanotechnology combined with the goodness of essential oils enables the emulsion to provide an instant and long-lasting way out of different body aches. The suspension has proven successful as a pain alleviation solution for people of all ages. It acts as a natural shoulder pain medicine, instant neck pain relief solution, back pain reliever and much more.

    The emulsion is prepared from hand-picked herbs and natural ingredients. Some of these ingredients have been in use as natural pain management products for ages.

    • Wintergreen: Composed majorly of natural methyl salicylate, it acts as an analgesic and relieves fever, headache, and other body pains.
    • Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil: Commonly known as ‘Neelgiri.’ Its antioxidant properties help reduce MPO levels, treat common diseases, and alleviate pain.
    • Menthol: Commonly known by the name ‘Pudhina Satt,’ it is prepared from peppermint oil. It is a natural pain reliever and has exhibited magical healing effects through the years. It provides a cooling sensation and relieves body pain.
    • Celery or Apium gravelens: The product finds wide use in treating arthritis and other bone-related problems. It acts as a blood purifier and reduces the degeneration of body joints.
    • Chinese Chastetree Herb: It’s known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and pain-suppressing properties and has been used historically to cure anxiety, muscle spasms and asthma.

    45 reviews for Reset Emulsion : Natural pain relief roll on for body pain

    1. Shrutee Tonangi (verified owner)

      Super amazing product! i have been using it since two months and great relief from the pain.

    2. Saroj

      Excellent product and very effective result to chronic pain ..I am very happy with the result…


      Loved the product and its very effective

    4. A.Chiragdeep

      I used reset Spray for a sprain in the ankle and it gave me quick relief, exactly what I was looking for.

    5. Agilan

      unexpectedly a great product. I got an instant relief just after 15-20 mins of applying

    6. A.Chiragdeep

      I used reset Spray for a sprain in the ankle and it gave me quick relief, exactly what I was looking for.worth buying go for it

    7. Arulan

      Best pain relief ointment. I think My father always use it twice daily and it removes knee and joint pain immediately

    8. Ashok kumar

      Simple to apply gives fast relief from discomfort, and no really scouring or back rub.

    9. Ashok kumar

      Simple to apply gives fast relief from discomfort, and no really scouring or back rub. quick pain relief product go for it.

    10. Bhaagya

      This is my first purchase of a kind of pain relief roll-on. I ordered it for my mother and it is a nice product. She said she liked it.

    11. Chetanjeet Sing

      “The current favorite pain relief spray for me. Sitting in front of the PC for whole day has started giving me neck & shoulder pain. this Spray worked quickly to relive the pain and its been a couple of days and the pain hasn’t come back either. The horrible pain spray smell was also not there.
      Highly recommended.”

    12. Chinmay

      its magic and very effective, it does not burn on skin like other products but gives a working effect on application. You can feel its working on the affected body part.

    13. Dharmesh

      its very effective in back pain …i am using for last 5 months and satisfied

    14. Gulshandeep

      i ordered this one for my mom’s joint pain, she has sensitive skin and is happy with this emulsion. Mom’s joint pain is better and she is able to continue her physiotherapy after applying this

    15. Lalit

      It is really an very helpful ointment for releif from all kind of pains

    16. Manandeep sing

      Instant relief of pain go for it

    17. Mounika

      actually, I am using and happy with this outcome likewise I provided for my dad he felt happy.

    18. Navya shree

      Very much effective in any kind of joint pains.. especially back and knee pain

    19. Nicholas

      It is useful product for day to day First Aid. worth buying

    20. Rajshreevarma

      its very essential to relief from pain. Good natural product to go for it.

    21. Shaik Shabaz

      “Bought it for my grandma ! Her friends also used it and asked me to buy for them. They had me order one for each.
      Effective !”

    22. Shiva kumar

      Good product

    23. Wasim

      I got an unbelievable and productive help with trouble from muscle torment and Knee torment

    24. Aayansh Girdhar

      This is a totally beneficial product. My arm pains because of typing on mobilephone and laptop. This product gives relief. Even for headache it is beneficial.

    25. D.Anjali

      I am very happy with this Roll On, I found it effective in curing my headache. The product is completely natural, it’s aroma very soothing and so it not only cures the pain but provides relaxation as well. I recommend you to try this natural and effective pain reliever.

    26. Shanmukh

      This is very helpful. Gifted this recently to my friend and it does wonder. As it’s all natural so he said he can use this regularly.

    27. Mohith sing

      it is very good roll on, effective and so easy to apply. It helps to reduce any kind of body pain. Can be purchased without any thought.

    28. Jagadish

      I truly required this roll on as I work continuously on desktop whole day so I get a serious headache. This roll on is easy to carry and relieves my headache in minutes, I’m really amazed by the benefits, and scent to refreshing. Going order more for my family and colleagues as they liked it too. Highly recommended

    29. Pradeep kumar

      This roll-on is a great addition to my treatment plan, and I love that it’s herbal. It smells great, feels amazing. It offers a level of comfort. For someone who only suffers from slight cramps, this roll-on might even be enough! I wouldn’t do without it now! Thanks so much!

    30. Aparna

      Nice Product easy to use give quick relief from pain worth buying

    31. Mnaish sharma

      The roll on is easy to carry and handy to use. it is very effective, once applied you will feel heat to the affected area and provides relief from pain. it is an less costly product, highly recommended.

    32. Shubham Singh

      I really needed this roll on, as I have to work on desktop whole day so i am getting a critical headache this roll on is easy to carry and relieve my headache in minutes, i am really amazed by using the benefits, and scent to fresh. i’m going to order more for my own family and office buddies as they liked it too. highly recommended

    33. Pooja Shah

      This pain relief roll on really works like a charm in stress and headaches. This starts working in a few minutes and you don’t need any pain killer capsules. I usually have a migraine headache and use this and this does it’s work quick. use in night time it will give good results

    34. Vineet Jain

      “It’s really genuine, And really helpful.
      I bought this r3set roll on for my mom and it really gives relief to my mom from joint pain. It’s really good and awesome . It is the best pain relief roll on ever seen …
      Must buy it … If you have any joint pain…
      Value for money …”

    35. Dheeraj

      “i’ve been using this product formy since 20 days for my lower back pain and its a excellent product helps me get relief with pain in my back. As i’m a volly ball player its helps alot. additionally its easy to use. Nice frangnace.
      The best is high-quality. there are various different brands in market that are of no use. they’re made of cheap materials causing side effects and skin issues. Its 1–% natural based totally and trustable.
      go for this product. you will also appreciate it.”

    36. Rohit mehrotra

      This pain relief roll-on is a great addition to my treatment plan, and I love that it’s herbal. It smells great, feels amazing. The roll on offers a good level of comfort that is so important. For someone who only suffers from slight cramps, this roll-on from r3set might even be enough! Thanks so much!

    37. Abhishek”

      After work, sometimes due to stress I use to get headache.But after applying thispain relief emulsion, I got immediate relief from headache and that too without any burning sensation like any other ordinary balm does on the skin.

    38. Sneha

      This roll on is easy to carry and easy to use. It’s very effective, once applied you will feel heat to the affected area and provides relief from pain. It’s an affordable product, highly recommended.

    39. Prashanth.p

      Yes it is working… my mom had a pain on her knee joint… nowadays i am applying this to her knees and really it is giving her relax … and also it is very easy to use…

    40. Rahul kumar sing

      i Liked the r3set product. Instant result … it’s convenient to use, effective, easy to carry. It also smells good and it’s not even greasy. Go for it. Highly recommended… Once apply, u will get relief.

    41. Tej kumar

      superb product. i’m very happy with its results. i have tried many pains relief solutions but this roll on simply works best. I got relief from my shoulder pain VERY fast. For sufferers of knee pain, shoulder pains, lower back pain and arthritis this roll on from reset shows magical results.

    42. Vijay

      Effective and so easy to use. Because of roll on it is convenient for self application. It has a mild smell so not disturbing for others so no worries about smells. Even though it is mild smelling and non burning, it gives relief faster than any of those normal balms.

    43. Vema prasad

      One of the best pain relief solution roll on for all ages. It has a soft fragrance but really tough on pain. Worked for my grandpa.

    44. sahul shaik

      “The product is very smooth to use and carry. that is the only reason we bought it.
      The fragrance is good. ache relief is also exact, but it takes some minutes to kick in.
      overall good”

    45. Surinder Kanhaiya

      Its very effective Pain Relief & its completely Stiffness remover i m very thankful to team RESET for making Natural Pain Relief Product..I am Using this product for last so many months & i am a runner and i have IT band Injury in Kneee side when i get this product and use this product i feel relaxed & touch wood no injury….

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