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At Reset, we believe in the power of knowledge that aims at focusing on the benefits of resetting pain naturally. We wish to restore your active lifestyle that keeps you on the go and helps you conquer your dreams. Find out more in our curated resources below:

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    R3SET EVERY DAY Pain is relatable. Not just physical, but everyday challenges pain us. Yet, a lot of us choose to suffer in silence at the behest of a situation or a person. How long does one continue to oversee something and go on about life before it’s too late to #R3SET?

    Not standing for yourself and facing your demons only make one timid. For they lie in the realms of one’s conscious and yes, while we can suppress them, they will not disappear! They will disguise themselves and come back with full force, wearing us down, leaving paralyzed with guilt and helplessness. Stop suffering incessantly and braving through it, because the line between bravery and stupidity is not thin! It’s time you nip pain in the bud and #R3SET …

    Our space will talk about –

    • Taking the weight off your shoulders, by sharing relatable stories that inspire you into action and eventually transformation.
    • How small changes in your thought process will pull you out of an unhappy state.
    • Anyone and everyone! Because *anyone and everyone* is trying to or has overcome pain in some format or the other.

    No matter where you come from or how strong or weak, rich or poor, this is a space where we all can relate with, find inspiration, and #act.

    It could be newlywed woman, who was suffering at the hands of her in-laws for dowry and decided to fight the injustice or her husband who decided to support her spouse and call them out on the hypocrisy. It could be a CEO of a company who was faced with grave indecision of laying off employees during the pandemic times. It could be about a teenager who resorted to drugs because of his/her parents’ separation and overcame it finding passion in something greater and the list goes on.

    Why not Lifestyle – because there a thousand people doing it. Yes, it is trendy, and yes, we may have more clicks/likes, but we are not in it for that. We want to leave people with some food for thought and not what food they should eat and how much they should eat, for if they are depressed, they will anyways eat more, drink more, but live less.

    We bring you stories that are a classic example of how someone overwhelmed with pain turned it around for himself/herself. We will be a Reader’s Digest of sorts, but only better…

    Come join us, share your #R3SET Story. Be amongst the elite warriors, who battled pain, emerged stronger, inspired others and helped them emerge stronger. It’s a chain reaction.


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