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At Reset, we believe in the power of knowledge that aims at focusing on the benefits of resetting pain naturally. We wish to restore your active lifestyle that keeps you on the go and helps you conquer your dreams. Find out more in our curated resources below:

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    We all want to stay fit and active. We start an exercise routine but lose interest quite too soon. Or often push ourselves too hard to compensate for the misses. Other times, it is not our moods or interests but our daily muscular pains that come in our way. Maintaining a routine becomes challenging!

    However, if you are fond of exercising and would like to keep yourself physically fit (in my opinion we all should), it wouldn’t harm to be a tortoise (slow & steady).

    • Low-impact activities
      • Swimming (if you know)
      • Walking
      • Stretching
      • Light aerobics or dancing
      • Yoga
      • Armchair exercises
      • Cycling
      • Light weight-lifting
    • Make R3SET a part of your lifestyle
      • R3SET is a pain relief solution
      • Aptly named, it aims to reset your life – with a special focus on 3 Rs – Relief, Restore, and Revive
      • It endeavors to manage your lifestyle-related pain as part of your routine
      • It has a natural composition, thus making it free from any post-application complications
      • Keep it handy and use it in the morning, during the day, or before hitting the hay – it will relieve you from your body aches

    We together can ensure that your routine stays a routine!

    Avani Raj Arora

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    1. Back pain and right leg pain

      1. Hello,

        For your concerns, we would recommend you take the self-assessment test which is a very thorough examination and will help you get a customized solution for the pain concern. The assessment is curated by our empaneled physiotherapy experts basis their experience and knowledge.

        Below is the link to our self-assessment page :

        Hope this helps you!

        Team R3set

    2. Back pain and right leg pain

      1. Dear Jatinder Ji, we’d request you to please try the R3SET products (emulsion, gel, spray, or tablets – whatever suits), and let us know the results. Thanks.

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