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    shoulder pain relief

    5 Reasons Why You Have Pain Under Your Shoulder Blade

    Before you jump over the medicine box and start looking for a shoulder pain medicine, you need to know why there is pain under your shoulder blade. Do you do it? If not, pause before you go ahead to achieve shoulder pain relief. 

    Whether it is sudden first-time shoulder pain or a chronic one, it hurts so much. It can make you incapable of performing the daily tasks you have on the plate. Have you heard a famous motivational quote, “Pain is gain”? It is not applicable all the time. Sometimes pain refrains you from gaining. The only thing a shoulder pain can help you gain is the delay in your daily activities.

    Why bother anymore? Let’s find out the reason behind this shoulder pain and then find out the best way to get relief for shoulder pain.

    From Reasons To Solutions

    There could be thousands of reasons, but they can be classified into five major sections. We are here with some most common reasons and their reasonable solutions too. Let’s go through them one by one: 


    Are you into something that puts you into prolonged sitting? Then it would help if you rethought your posture. Undoubtedly, poor posture is the most common reason behind body pain issues. If you have a bad posture, then there are chances that your posture is the only reason behind your shoulder pain. 

    While working on posture correction, keep an eye on posture in various situations. Not just a person who sits in the same posture for a long time, but everybody should focus on correcting the posture. Posture is even essential while riding on a vehicle, sleeping, and even taking a shower. 


    Consult someone who is an expert in ergonomics. Redefine the positioning of your desk and chair according to ergonomics. Some ergonomics belts are also available to help you stay straight while sitting for a long.

    Weak Muscles

    Weakness makes muscles prone to soreness, strain, and stretch. Are your muscles weak? Your regular shoulder pain medicine can give you temporary shoulder pain relief, but it can’t build muscle strength. 


    To get rid of shoulder pain, you need to strengthen your muscles, and there are many ways to do it. From a healthy and nutritious diet to exercise, do what makes your muscles stronger. Supplementing your muscles with necessary nutrients is also an excellent way to get out of this painful problem.


    Lifting weight builds muscle, but doing it without keeping in mind the capacity of your muscles is not safe. Lifting weight more than your capacity can lead you towards muscle strain, leaving you with shoulder pain. 


    Not only in a gym, but sometimes we get our muscles pulled while doing regular activities at home. Try not to lift heavy things improperly or do it with the help of someone else. If it is due to weight lifting in the gym, consult your fitness trainer.

    Over Stress

    Sometimes overstress on your muscles can cause pain under your shoulder blade. If you are continuously suffering from pain, you need to change the way you are doing things rather than depending upon a shoulder pain medicine to achieve relief.


    Some basic exercises such as shoulder roll might help you in a way to get relief for shoulder pain. 

    Serious Issue

    Be serious if there is a severe health issue behind pain under your shoulder blade. If it is a matter of herniated disc, dislocated rib, or compression fracture, then a shoulder pain medicine might not be helpful for you. You should not try to get shoulder pain relief yourself in such cases because it can be more harmful.


    See an expert and get expert advice, diagnosis, therapies, and whatever is recommended in such cases. The more you ignore it, the more it becomes hard to achieve relief for shoulder pain; So, so consulting an expert is the best option.

    Change The Game!

    How many times do you suffer from shoulder pain in a month? If it is hurting you, then you should go ahead and change the game. Yes, you are capable of changing the game with a few steps. And undoubtedly, seeking relief for shoulder pain becomes easy with these steps. Let’s see how it works: 

    • Be Active: Keep your muscles active with a lifestyle full of physical activities. 
    • Eat Healthily: Remove junk from your plate and add food full of nutrition. 
    • Tackle Initially: Don’t ignore even a minor muscle spasm; use a product that relieves, revives, and restores your muscle to a strengthful and natural state.

      – Pankaj Rai.
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    1. I have bad wrist pain.I.m leftie and my left wrist troubles a lot.

      1. Thanks for writing to us, Sapna! Kindly try our product (gel, spray, emulsion, or tablet) – you should get relief! Do send us the feedback as well. Thanks again!

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