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    Got Dooced?

    Heather Armstrong is a renowned American blogger and the originator of the word ‘dooce.’ She writes under the pseudonym ‘Dooce.’ One of her weblogs detailing her work experience led to her getting fired from the concerned job. Since then, word dooce is being used to express someone who lost his/her job due to a post or weblog that is defamatory to someone.

    However, it was just to give a sense of things – I won’t limit the post to someone losing a job due to a write-up. What brought me here is the thought of how we lose something or someone due to our adverse actions or words.

    Daily chores can sometimes feel like necessary evils. They may seem monotonous, but you got to do them. They may go unrecognized, but you have to do them. Consequently, they may drain out your energy and enthusiasm. Our emotions are often replaceable; when one goes, other crops in. Hence, all this can make you angry, frustrated, impatient, and a little on edge. We also cannot tell these feelings, “Welcome dear, now since you’ve come as an uninvited guest, at least just sit back and do nothing.” They will make you do or say some things that cannot be undone or unsaid but will leave an exigent mark for some time.

    The last year changed my perspective of things and made me a little more empathetic towards my family members and myself. The earlier come-and-go office routine limited my family time from 9 pm to 8 am. With a little time to spend with them, I spent most of it judging them. My mother yelling when food is on the table yet people still watching TV; or her anger when in the middle of making tea she had to attend to the doorbell, or she continuing working with no energy and clothes drenched in sweat; used to annoy me – not for her but with her. However, now I know that her reactions were not uncalled for. All she needed was a revival of her energy.

    So remember- whenever you see a loved one about to get dooced, try to be a little patient and sensitive towards them. When you foresee yourself getting dooced, give yourself some space and time to revive and get back your vigour.

    Avani Raj Arora

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    1. I do not even understand how I ended up here, but I assumed this publish used to be great

      1. Thanks Bethany 🙂 I hope you end up here even more often 😀

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