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    Ever felt like an Octopus?

    Octopus is a creature very dear to me! It doesn’t mean I have some weird choices, but I have fun “feelings” that remind me of it. I’ll explain.

    • I sometimes feel like an Octopus.
      • Like a little human being burdened with multifold tasks.
    • I sometimes want to be an Octopus.
      • Like an angry little human being who wants eight hands to slap eight people at one go.

    Sorry if I sounded aggressive, but I do get overwhelmed by these feelings quite too often. Surrounded by “too much” work that either I am not supposed to do, or I don’t know how to do, or humorously I cannot figure out the need to do! The “angry” little phase kicks in either as a result of the above situation or for entirely other reasons and circumstances. Anyhow, it’s time for me and others who might feel the same to become ‘less octopus’ and ‘more human’ ☺.

    A food for thought and a food for the belly can be good distractions. Surprisingly so, physical care can also boost your mental health. You may also

    • Take a hot water bath
    • Close your eyes and take deep breaths
    • Take measures to soothe your body and relieve the pain points
    • Listen to relaxing music

    On a funny note, belonging to the Octopoda order is not that bad. An octopus has nine brains, and being one will make you brainier than other “normal” human beings.

    Stick around for more interesting “feelings.”

    Avani Raj Arora

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    1. Interesting article

    2. Hey! Would like to know more about this.

      1. Yes sure – please let us understand your concerns & we’d be happy to help!

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