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    Chemical Vs. Natural

    Chemical Vs. Natural – The Everlasting Fight For Healthy Pain Management

    By default, we all know that chemicals can’t compete with natural things, But still, we can see more chemicals than natural things around us; why? Have you ever given it a thought? Why does it happen? 

    There are different answers to this “WHY” for different segments, but what if we talk mainly about pain management

    Let me ask you a few things; till now (throughout your life), how many times did you suffer from body pain? 

    You may not have the exact number, but let us consider it “hundreds of times”? Isn’t it?  

    And how many times did you use natural ways to get rid of the pain? 

    You know the exact number because you have used it only a few times.

    What’s The Point?

    Is a chemical remedy better than a natural? No, not at all. 

    No matter if you used natural remedies less than the chemical ones. This factor is not enough to decide the winner between “Chemical Vs. Natural” pain. It is not about the numbers. But it is more about the effectiveness of the results that you got.

    Without saying anything, you can re-imagine the level of relief you have received from both the pain management solutions

    No doubt the chemical method gave you a quick result, but was it long-lasting? Were you free from the worry of side effects? Was it affordable? Was it soothing? The answer is “NO.” 

    Now, let’s think about the natural painkiller that you did use. 

    Did you feel relief? Were you free from the worry of side effects? Was it affordable? Was it soothing and free from toxins and harsh reactions? The answer is “YES.” 

    Still, this chemical vs. natural pain management solution debate is never-ending. Then how to end up this debate? Let me clear a few doubts for you, and I hope that will help you get out of this chemical vs. natural painkiller debate.

    Which Is The Best? 

    Let’s find out which is the best solution. Following are some significant differences that you will find in both methods: 


    If you have the best painkiller that is natural, you will find it more effective than the chemical-based painkiller. A natural remedy always targets the root cause of the pain and helps you get relief from very deep. On the other hand, a chemical-based treatment doesn’t treat the root cause and provides a non-effective solution.

    Instant Relief

    There is a myth that natural methods never provide instant relief. It can be true if you apply natural ingredients in the raw form without supplementing them with the right co-ingredients. However, if you have a pain relief product that is a perfect blend of natural ingredients, it gives you instant relief.


    What’s the meaning of getting relief in the short term and being harmed in the long run? Here is why natural remedies always are more beneficial than chemical alternatives. Chemicals aggressively target the pain point, but their aggressiveness can harm other parts. Ideally, a pain relief solution should not have any side-effect. 

    One More Question…

    One question that we left behind is why we use chemical formulations more than the natural, even if we know that natural is the best? 

    Because it seems complicated to everybody to get all the natural ingredients in one place and then appropriately use them. 

    It is the right time to switch to the best painkiller that you can easily use. Go on a hunt, and you will find a plethora of products for you, but how come you know that they are natural in all ways? What natural ingredients are the best supplements to get you out of the body pain? Following are the primary ingredients that you need to look for in your best painkiller

    • Eucalyptus Globus Oil: It eases joint pain and has zero side effects.
    • White Willow Herb: A super herb with anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Vitex Negundo Extract: A perfect analgesic agent to treat pain.
    • Black Pepper: It facilitates the process of absorption of other natural ingredients.

    The Bottom Line

    This bottom line consists of a “Top Solution” for you. Now you can easily have the benefits of all the natural ingredients mentioned. R3SET is the best painkiller that helps you get rid of pain and build muscle strength. 

    3 Magical Ways To Tackle Any Pain:

    • Choose The Best Natural Solution.
    • Supplement Your Body With Healthy Food.
    • Build Muscle Strength With Yoga & Exercises.

      – Pankaj Rai.
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