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    Bhaag Chandigarh Bhaag

    Your Joints Ready for The Half Marathon?

    Bhaag Chandigarh Bhaag half marathon is just a few days away, and runners have prepared very well. But what is more important in preparation? Sports apparel or fitness wearables? Nothing is more important than physical fitness. Your body must be ready for it. Running that long can cause muscle pain in your body. It can reinstate the joint pain you had in the past. So, you must ask yourself whether your joints are ready for the half marathon or not?

    Before enrolling yourself for the half marathon, you must consult an expert to monitor your physical fitness. After getting a nod from the expert, you need to prepare yourself mentally and physically. Bhaag Chandigarh Bhaag half marathon is one of the famous sports events in Chandigarh. Fitness enthusiasts had started searching for the upcoming marathon in Chandigarh even before its official announcement. Have you registered for the same? If yes, then joint pain management is the critical area to work upon for you.

    Things To Consider Before Race

    The actual race starts on the marathon day, but you need to prepare a few days or maybe weeks before it. Following are some essential things to consider before the marathon day.


    • Take Care of Your Body

    Firstly, take care of your body very seriously. Avoid anything harmful to the body. If you need to recover from any pain, then use naturally produced herbal products for effective pain management.


    • Don’t Hurt Your Joints

    Lifting heavy things or doing something unusual can hurt your joints. Before a half marathon, you must not try anything that causes ankle pain, slipped disc, or leg pain. If accidentally you got pain, then never rely upon chemical-based pain killers. Instead, choose a natural pain relief product such as a pain relief spray that starts acting in just a few minutes.


    • Treat Naturally

    Treat your body in a way we treat it naturally. Don’t experiment with anything new such as energy boosters, steroids, etc. However, for better performance, you can try out some natural products made for joint pain management. You can start using natural pain relievers if the pain starts and get long-term relief without any chemical intervention.


    • Don’t Ignore Any Pain.

    Are you feeling pain in your body? A night-long sleep is not enough to help you get over it. It would be best if you treated it on a serious note. Ignoring the initial level of pain can cause big problems.


    • Light Warm Up Is Enough

    It will help if you avoid practicing heavy exercises before the half marathon. Avoid such activities, no matter how much experience you have in the physical fitness segment.


    • Balanced Diet

    You become what you eat. This popular term must be in your rule book before the “Bhaag Chandigarh Bhaag” race. Eat light and healthy food like green veggies, fruits, etc.


    • Mental Preparation

    See the route of the half marathon and prepare mentally for it. From running patterns to milestones of the race, check everything twice before the race day.


     Things To Consider Post Race

    Half marathon or 5 Kilometers race? No matter what you choose, the post-race tips remain the same for runners. Even mild leg pain can hit your physical fitness badly. So rather than taking the body pain tablet directly, you need to consider following things after the race.


    • Monitor Your Body

    If you can generally monitor your body, that’s fine; otherwise, get diagnosed by an expert to get advice on starting a pain management plan. Even consider minor pain and injuries seriously.


    • Take Rest

    Taking rest is essential so that your body recovers itself after a long race. If you feel pain or intolerant soreness in muscles, then apply a herb-based pain reliever.


    • Give Time for Recovery

    Recovery takes time, and you need to have patience for it. Don’t even think of going out just after the half marathon. Stay home and give time for recovery.


    • Recover Naturally

    If you don’t get any injuries, then rely upon natural ailments for recovery. For example, naturally, heal minor problems like muscle soreness and tiredness with herbal pain relief sprays or gels. Likewise, you don’t need back pain treatment if you have issues such as tiredness and muscle soreness in your back.


    • Get Enough Calories & Protein

    Getting enough sleep as well as calories and protein important in pain management and recovery. A healthy diet will supplement your body perfectly. In addition, a healthy diet along with the pain reliever will help you in speedy recovery.


    What If You Feel Joint Pain After Race?

    The doubt is always in mind. What if you feel joint pain after the race? If the pain is unbearable, then you must visit an expert. Otherwise, some tactics can help you in minor pain.

    How To Tackle Joint Pain?

    Figure out the body part and give yourself a subtle massage. If you feel an initial level of pain, then get the best product for pain relief.

    From pain relief gels to emulsion and sprays, everything is available out there. What is your preference? The pain reliever can be anything based on your requirement. However, always check the ingredients of the pain relief product you choose.

    See whether a pain relief product contains harsh chemicals or natural herbs? Check the science behind a pain reliever before you buy anything. The chosen product should apply to all joints and parts. For example, select a product that supports back pain treatment and treats upper abdominal pain simultaneously.



    Joint pain can disturb you a lot, no matter if it hits you before or during the marathon: joint or muscle pain before the marathon can disturb you while you run. Even the pain can restrain you from participating in the race due to a lack of physical fitness. If you still get pain before or during a marathon, treat it with the best possible solution. A herb-based pain reliever can help you get quick relief without side effects.

    – Pankaj Rai

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