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    Father's Day

    Happy Father’s Day

    Wishing a very happy father’s day to our dear readers  – to the amazing fathers and the wonderful sons & daughters out there!

    The day is celebrated by more than 111 countries across the globe every year on the third Sunday of June. The day aims to honor fathers and fatherhood. Let us dedicate our post today to the great, strong, and our calm, dear papas ☺ starting with a beautiful excerpt on them from the “Silent Strong Dad”

    “He never looks for praises.

    He is never one to boast.

    He just goes on quietly working

    for those he loves the most.”

    It says it all! Yes, a dad carries a tough personality, a foundation the entire family stands on. He is like a coconut – hard from outside, soft from within. However unbreakable he may appear, he is too emotional when it comes to his family. These emotions only make a father even more strong, supporting his innate persona to act as a shield for his loved ones.

    He works tirelessly and makes sure to feed the proper diet to his children, provide them the best education, and all the facilities that are within his budget. We complain, and he listens; he might get angry, but yet he listens. We make faces on the things we lack or pleasures of life our friends enjoy, but we can’t – but have we ever thanked him for taking care of us? Supporting in all ways he can, sacrificing his needs, his dreams, his choices for us? Has it ever occurred to us that he might also get tired and exhausted?

    He gets up in the morning, helps our mother with household work, travels to his office, does his job (which these days is not easy), comes back, brings us things we demanded, hugs us, and in the end, just wishes for a cup of tea. Following this routine is in itself for days, months, and years is a painstaking task. He needs a revival of energy that is wearing out daily. He may say it or not; he definitely needs a word of praise every now and then.

    On this father’s day, let’s openly hug and appreciate our fathers; and pledge to make it a practice. A single effort from our end will revive him back to life. This is not asking much, or is it? 

    If you still did not feel the need to recognize your dad’s efforts, then do one thing. Open yours and his wardrobe and see the comparison. The difference would surely make you feel grateful to your dearest daddy! ☺ 

    Enjoy an amazing Father’s Day!

    Avani Raj Arora

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