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    2-Week Challenge

    In an effort to keep this blog short and apposite, we’ll jump right to a few tips to help you adopt a better lifestyle and restore your energy. After exploring, researching, and experiencing them ourselves, we’ve come up with these tips and would want you to follow them just for two weeks – a 2-week challenge!

    • Stay hydrated – We are no camels, our body doesn’t store water, but we need water to function rightly. Hence, the key is to stay hydrated – drink a lot of water and other fluids during the day.
    • Get good quality sleep – Getting the right amount of sleep is essential for a healthy body and mind. Research suggests 7 hours as an ideal good night’s sleep – some people may require more. Nevertheless, don’t go for less and also don’t be lured in by oversleep. Not a mandate to follow, but sleeping at almost the same time every day at night and waking up around the same time every day in the morning, serves an extra point!
    • Be mindful of your eating habits. We don’t live to eat, but eat to live – so eat properly to live properly. Eat with a focus on eating, not working, running, driving, or watching TV. Maintain healthy kitchen habits – with a diet providing almost all nutrients in the right amounts and full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid habitualization of junk food; once in a while is ok, but every day might reduce the days of your life!
    • Get some exercise – There is no replacement for physical activity when it comes to staying healthy and fit. Few minutes to be reserved daily for walking, running, skipping, crunches, jumping jacks, or any other exercises. Other few wins during the day might involve preferring stairs over elevators, walking for 5-10 minutes after sitting at a stretch for 2 hours, moving your body (more like dancing) while cooking, washing, cleaning, etc.
    • Be grateful – At times, it is hard, but it is worth it! As we say, happy people are not the ones for whom everything is going as per expectation; they are people who choose to be happy. They hit a roadblock now and then but make every effort to come back on track. Being grateful is one of the many tips to stay happy and healthy.
    • Love yourself – Last but not least – love yourself. You are a beautiful creature from the divine. Your uniqueness defines you. Never be sorry for yourself, but always love yourself.

    Tested and tried – do it regularly for 2 weeks; you’ll do it for life! This is where we become selfish, asking for 2 weeks and tempting you for life.

    Since now we are making the tips a part of us and our life, we’ll end it with another simple tip that might help. Try changing your bedsheets, cushion and sofa covers, etc., once a month – it brings in positive vibes with an additional benefit of keeping you and your home clean!

    Avani Raj Arora

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